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Roller tube
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1. A roller blind or a roller shutter including: (i) a roller tube comprising a tube body which defines on its outwardly facing surface one or more blind substrate or shutter substrate receiving portions, and defines on its inwardly facing surface a plurality of sound damping elements, wherein the sound damping elements are located circumferentially around part or all of the inwardly facing surface of the tube body, extend longitudinally along at least part of the length of the tube body and define a plurality of sound channels within the tube and wherein the sound damping elements define a plurality of closed longitudinal cells located at least partially around the internal circumference of the tube body, each closed longitudinal cell comprising a pair of radially inwardly projecting side walls joined at one end by the tube body and joined at the opposite end by a planar end wall; (ii) an electric motor separately receivable within the roller tube; (iii) a pair of opposed mounting brackets; (iv) a base element for each of said mounting brackets; (v) an idle end bush; and (vi) a vibration damping plate located between the motor and an adjacent one of said mounting brackets, wherein vibration-absorbing material is carried on and extends from at least one of the vibration damping plate, idle end bush, mounting brackets, and base elements.