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Low effort outside release handle
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1. A vehicle door comprising:
a door structure having upright inner and outer sides, the door structure defining a generally horizontal axis that is transverse to the upright inner and outer sides;
an exterior handle movably mounted to the door structure for movement between a rest position and an opened position, the exterior handle including a handle strap and a rigid extension attached to the handle strap, the rigid extension defining an upper flat surface and a lower inclined ramp surface that extends from the handle strap toward an opposed end of the rigid extension such that the inclined ramp surface moves relative to the handle strap;
a bellcrank rotatably connected to the door structure for rotation about the generally horizontal axis, the bellcrank including a follower that engages the inclined ramp surface such that movement of the exterior handle from the rest position to the opened position causes the bellcrank to rotate about the generally horizontal axis;
a latch mechanism configured to selectively retain the door in a dosed position when latched; and
linkage operably interconnecting the bellcrank and the latch mechanism such that rotation of the bellcrank unlatches the latch mechanism.