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Vehicle door handle comprising an inertial mass
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1. An outside vehicle door handle mountable on a door of a vehicle, comprising:
a holding part capable of being grasped and pulled by a user outside of the vehicle;
an inertial mass that passes irreversibly from a rest configuration, in which the inertial mass allows the door to be opened, to a locking configuration, in which the inertial mass prevents the door from being opened due to an acceleration variation,
wherein the inertial mass is immobilized in the locking configuration throughout and after the occurrence of the acceleration variation,
and then the inertial mass passes, upon pulling of the holding part by a user from outside the vehicle, from the locking configuration into an unlocking configuration, different from the rest configuration and from the locking configuration,
wherein the placing of the inertial mass in the unlocking configuration enables the inertial mass to return to the rest configuration, thereby allowing the door to be opened.