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Motor vehicle door lock
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1. A motor vehicle door lock comprising:
a locking mechanism having a rotary latch and a pawl;
a driving pawl that rests on the rotary latch and is rotatable about an axis;
a mechanical and/or electrical opening drive;
a mechanical and/or electrical closing drive;
a closing transfer lever, wherein the closing drive acts on the closing transfer lever which acts on the driving pawl to rotate the rotary latch and close the locking mechanism;
an opening transfer lever that has an opening function for opening the locking mechanism and is also configured to interrupt a closing function initiated by the closing drive in connection with the closing transfer lever, wherein the opening transfer lever contains an actuating element that is configured as an actuating journal which during the opening function, lifts the pawl off the rotary latch of the locking mechanism; and
an upstream ejector lever that is rotatable about the axis of the driving pawl, the upstream ejector lever being independently rotatable about the axis relative to the driving pawl, wherein during the interruption of the closing function, the actuating element is moved via rotation of the opening transfer lever to engage and rotate the upstream ejector lever and the upstream ejector lever rotates to engage the driving pawl and lift the driving pawl off of the rotary latch while, at the same time, the actuating element also engages the pawl to lift the pawl off the rotary latch.