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1. A tumbler-free cam lock for securing a moving closure with respect to a fixed frame, including:
a lock body having a bore extending along an axis therethrough, and an interior shoulder disposed at a distal end of said bore and extending radially inwardly to define a narrow distal opening;
at least one key channel extending through said interior shoulder parallel to said axis;
a central spindle extending axially in said bore in rotatable fashion, said spindle including a distal portion extending axially and distally and configured to be received within said narrow distal opening and define an annular gap therebetween;
a key having a tubular key body dimensioned to be received in said annular gap, said key including at least one outer key lug extending radially outwardly therefrom and positioned to slidably extend through said at least one key channel;
further including a semi-helix split washer locking device extending about said distal portion of said spindle and disposed coaxially within said bore and said lock body.