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Adjustable deck tension tie
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1. An adjustable bracket for a tension tie for connecting a deck to a house, the bracket comprising:
a front plate having an opening therein for receiving a connector;
legs on opposite sides of the front plate; and
a brace member; and
a deformation zone connecting the brace member to the front plate at a location intermediate the legs, the brace member having a first resistance to bending and the deformation zone having a second resistance to bending that is lower than the first resistance to bending to facilitate rotation of the brace member relative to the front plate by deformation at the deformation zone,
wherein the legs are attached to the front plate at locations on an opposite side of the deformation zone as the brace member.
17. A tension tie installation for connecting a deck to a house, the tension tie installation comprising the adjustable bracket as set forth in claim 1 in combination with the connector, wherein the connector extends generally horizontally through the opening in the front plate and into an anchor in the house to secure the adjustable bracket to the house and the legs and brace member are secured to the deck to connect the deck to the house.