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Element for the connection of building components, particularly panels and beams
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1. A connection element for building components, wherein the connection element is adapted to be arranged opposite on an external surface of a building component, the connection element having a body, the body comprising a case formed by a material and containing at least one filling material within said case, where said filling material is more elastic than a material forming said case, said case and said filling material receiving a plurality of through anchoring elements which can be fixed to said building component and each of the anchoring elements cross said case at least twice and the filing material being in contact with the anchoring elements, and wherein the anchoring elements are positioned in a dovetail arrangement that is inclined or crossed;
wherein the case is sectionally M-shaped with a closed bottom such that the case has a closed perimeter;
wherein said element comprises at least one gripping means; and
wherein said filling material has at least one hole for said anchoring element.