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Toilet having a built-in odor evacuating system
Robert Trudel, Brossard (CA)
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1. A built-in odors evacuating system comprising a toilet body wherein a tank portion contains a module further comprised of a turbine member that is powered by a DC motor, and triggered by a motion sensor; said turbine member taking air from openings located inside a bowl portion of said toilet body, and pumping said air through a first pipe, forming part of said module; once passed said turbine member, said air being directed into a second pipe directing said air into a P-trap extending integrally from said bowl portion so that odors are blocked by water inside said bowl portion; said built-in odors evacuating system operating according to the following steps:
a) before use, a butterfly valve is closed, and a lever is in a downward position and connected to said butterfly valve;
b) when a user sits on a toilet seat, said motion sensor is triggered which actuates a servo motor which moves said lever into a horizontal position, which also opens said butterfly valve, and actuates said turbine member which is powered by a low voltage DC motor, so that air is sucked in directly from said bowl portion by way of said openings;
c) when a user presses on a four function flush button, said servo motor turns said lever into an upward position which pulls on a chain, which pulls a plug open so as to flush said toilet; simultaneously, said lever closes said butterfly valve; said servo motor continues rotating said lever, briefly reopening said butterfly valve until said lever reaches its original downward position, which closes said butterfly valve so as to prevent any siphoning effect from water going down, passed said P-trap, and said second pipe.