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Dipper for a mining shovel
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1. A dipper for a mining shovel, the dipper comprising:
a back wall;
a first side wall extending from the back wall;
a second side wall extending from the back wall;
a front wall disposed opposite the back wall and extending between the first and second side walls, the front wall having a first end and a second, opposite end, wherein a plurality of dipper teeth are coupled to the first end; and
a dipper door pivotally coupled to a bottom end of the dipper, the dipper door movable between a latched and an unlatched position relative to the dipper;
wherein the dipper door is angled relative to the front wall at an acute angle when the dipper door is in the latched position, wherein the acute angle is between 75-85 degrees, and wherein a distance between the first end and the second end of the front wall is greater than a distance between the front wall and the back wall.