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Method, apparatus, and kit for providing an adapter on earth moving equipment
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1. A method for enhancing the ability of earth moving equipment originally built with an implement support structure having one or more bearing plates that supported a working implement in a predetermined manner, the method comprising the steps, performed in any order, of:
removing the working implement from the implement support structure;
attaching, on the implement support structure, a frame having a spaced pair of longitudinal branches that are affixed to a crosspiece having an upper and a lower wall, the attaching of the frame being performed to cause the upper and lower wall to engage the one or more bearing plates;
mounting an adapter on the frame to place the frame between the adapter and the implement support structure; and
installing a selected one of a plurality of working accessories on the adapter to be supported in a manner different from the predetermined manner, the plurality of accessories being adapted to work upon earth or to move earth or objects.