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Method for installing an elongate element in a stretch of water, and associated device and installation
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1. A method for installing an elongate element in a stretch of water, comprising the following steps:
reversibly fastening of a connecting member at a first end of the elongate element;
arranging of the elongate element in a substantially horizontal configuration along a surface facility;
reversibly engaging of the connecting member in a retaining member projecting with respect to the surface facility;
pivoting the elongate element about a substantially horizontal axis to move the elongate element into a substantially vertical configuration, while the connecting member remains engaged in the retaining member, wherein the substantially horizontal axis for pivoting the elongate element is located in a vicinity of the first end of the elongate element selected for enabling the pivoting of the elongate element into the substantially vertical configuration;
jointly lowering of the retaining member, the connecting member and the elongate element in the stretch of water with a lowering line carried by the surface facility;
detaching of the connecting member of the first end of the elongate element, and jointly raising of the retaining member and the connecting member; and
suspending the retaining member from a support frame via the lowering line, whereby the support frame for the retaining member is fixed to the surface facility and projects with respect to the stretch of water.