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Semisolid collection device with a shoveling assembly
Guolin Tian, Changzhou (CN); and Chun Xu, Changzhou (CN)
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1. A device for collecting semisolid or solid, comprising:
a housing;
a shoveling assembly disposed in the housing and including a scoop, a canopy put on the scoop, and a roller disposed above the scoop with the canopy moveably passing its surface;
a motor including a motor shaft, a conveyor belt driven by the motor shaft, and a forward and reverse switch for activating the motor or not;
a clamping assembly secured to the housing and including first and second clamping plates with the canopy passing therebetween;
a transmitting assembly including a reciprocating screw driven by the conveyor belt, a sliding block slidably put on the reciprocating screw, an idler gear disposed at one end of the reciprocating screw, and a mount with the other end of the reciprocating screw rotatably disposed therein;
two parallel guide rails with the reciprocating screw disposed therebetween, the guide rails having one ends secured to the mount; and
a connection member with the other ends of the guide rails secured thereto, and the sliding block secured thereto, the connection member being secured to the scoop;
wherein in response to turning on the forward and reverse switch, the motor shaft either (i) rotates clockwise to clockwise rotate the canopy about the scoop and extend the scoop out of the housing or (ii) rotates counterclockwise to counterclockwise rotate the canopy about the scoop and retract the scoop into the housing.