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Device for embossing and/or perforating foils for tobacco goods
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1. A device for embossing and perforating foils for tobacco goods, comprising:
a perforating apparatus including a pair of embossing rolls, one of the embossing rolls is a male embossing roll having teeth for perforating the foil, an opposing roll to the male embossing roll is a female embossing roll, which has depressions assigned to the male embossing roll, the perforating apparatus configured to operate online directly or indirectly in a production machine;
a first control unit configured to control a precise location, a size and an arrangement of perforations of the perforating apparatus as a function of a character of a foil to be processed; and
a sensor for detecting the character of the foil, the sensor configured to signal to the first control unit to detect and to define a position of LIP (Low Ignition Propensity) zones, embossed patterns, or printed patterns, to control the perforating apparatus in such a way that the perforations are made at desired points with respect to the LIP zones, embossed patterns, or printed patterns, by adjusting an operating cycle of the perforating apparatus.