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Laminate, gas barrier film, and manufacturing method therefor
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1. A laminate, comprising:
a base material;
an undercoat layer that is formed on at least a portion of an outer surface of the base material, the undercoat layer containing an organic polymer having functional groups, the undercoat layer being formed into a membrane shape or a film shape; and
an atomic layer deposition film that contains a precursor that serves as a starting material, the atomic layer deposition film being formed so as to cover a surface of the undercoat layer, at least some of the precursor bonding with the functional groups in the organic polymer,
wherein a linear expansion coefficient of a layered film including the base material and the undercoat layer is from about 1.0×10−5/K or higher and about 8.0×10−5/K or lower,
wherein the precursor that is bonded with the functional groups of the organic polymer is a first precursor,
wherein the first precursor is bonded to a second precursor adjacent to the first precursor such that the first precursor and the second precursor are cross-linked with each other,
wherein the atomic layer deposition film comprises a two-dimensional film grown in a planar direction of the undercoat layer, the atoms of the two-dimensional film being bonded in the planar direction,
wherein a main component of the undercoat layer is the organic polymer, and
wherein the undercoat layer comprises an inorganic substance, an organic polymer, and a binder, and is formed so that at least some of the first precursor bonds with the binder and the inorganic substance.