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Thick-walled high-strength hot rolled steel sheet having excellent hydrogen induced cracking resistance and manufacturing method thereof
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1. A method of manufacturing a thick-walled high-strength hot rolled steel sheet having surface layer hardness of 230HV or less in terms of Vickers hardness, wherein in manufacturing a hot rolled steel sheet by applying hot rolling consisting of rough rolling and finish rolling to a raw steel material having a composition which contains by mass % 0.02 to 0.08% C, 1.0% or less Si, 0.50 to 1.85% Mn, 0.03% or less P, 0.005% or less S, 0.1% or less Al, 0.02 to 0.10% Nb, 0.001 to 0.05% Ti, 0.0005% or less B, and Fe and unavoidable impurities as a balance, such that the composition satisfies the following formula: (Ti+Nb/2)/C<4, where Ti, Nb, and C are contents of the respective elements by mass %, and after the finish rolling is finished, a first cooling step in which the hot rolled steel sheet is cooled by accelerated cooling at an average surface cooling rate of 30° C./s or more until a surface temperature becomes 500° C. or below, a second cooling step in which the hot rolled steel sheet is cooled by air cooling for 10 s or less after the first cooling step is finished, and a third cooling step in which the hot rolled steel sheet is cooled by accelerated cooling to a temperature which falls within a temperature range from 350° C. or above to a temperature below 600° C. at the center of a sheet-thickness at an average cooling rate of 10° C./s or more at the center of the sheet-thickness are applied to the hot rolled steel sheet, and the hot rolled steel sheet is coiled in a coil shape after the third cooling step is finished.