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Microbial biotransformation of aromatic acids to their reduced carbon aromatic acids
Mahendra M Yeole, Mumbai (IN); Aparna Gala, Mumbai (IN); and Arvind M. Lali, Mumbai (IN)
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1. A process for a biotransformation of aromatic acids to their reduced carbon aromatic acids comprising:
a) culturing or growing Amycolatopsis mediterranei NCIM 5008 in a fermentor at a temperature in a range of 37-46° C. for 16-24 hours;
b) adding an alkaline solution of substrate containing aromatic acid to a fermentation broth of step (a) to obtain the final concentration of 1-15 g/L for aromatic acid; wherein aromatic acid is converted for 24-50 hours and converted liquid containing reduced carbon aromatic acid is obtained;
c) centrifuging or filtrating the converted liquid of step (b) to obtain retentate comprising culture cells, and permeate comprising converted liquid with reduced carbon aromatic acid;
d) precipitating the converted liquid obtained from step (c) to isolate crude reduced carbon aromatic acid in solid form; and
e) recrystallizing the crude reduced carbon aromatic acid from (d) to obtain pure reduced carbon aromatic acid.