US 9,809,828 B2
Modified plant cell
Stefan Kepinski, Leeds (GB); Martin Kieffer, Leeds (GB); and Suruchi Roychoudhry, Leeds (GB)
Assigned to University of Leeds, Leeds (GB)
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Filed on Dec. 11, 2013, as Appl. No. 14/103,737.
Prior Publication US 2015/0247158 A1, Sep. 3, 2015
Int. Cl. C12N 15/82 (2006.01)
CPC C12N 15/8294 (2013.01) 16 Claims
1. A root columella and/or root cap cell the genome of which is modified by the inclusion of a nucleic acid molecule adapted for expression in a gravity sensing cell of the root wherein the nucleic acid molecule encodes a regulator of auxin signalling and wherein the regulator of auxin signalling includes a protein selected from a TRANSPORTER INHIBITOR RESPONSE-1 (TIR1), Auxin signalling F-box Proteins (AFBs), auxin response factors (ARFs), and auxin/indole-3-acetic acid (Aux/Iaa) transcriptional regulators (repressors).