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Heated cleaning articles using a calcium oxide and water heat generator
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1. A selectively heatable cleaning article comprising:
(a) a cleaning substrate material comprising one or more layers;
(b) a heat engine comprising a reactive metal oxide that generates heat upon contact with water;
(c) a handle attachable to the cleaning substrate, the handle including a delivery channel therethrough in fluid communication with the reactive metal oxide of the heat engine so that upon introduction of an activating water composition through the delivery channel, the heat engine is activated, generating heat; and
(d) a venting structure surrounding or adjacent to the heat engine comprising a moisture impermeable material containing one or more vents through at least one surface of the moisture impermeable material for releasing steam and/or water vapor generated by the heat engine, so that the venting structure directs the water vapor and/or steam through the one or more vent holes on one face of the cleaning article, opposite a face on which the handle is attachable.