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Detergent compositions comprising lipase
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1. A method of making a detergent composition comprising the following
(a) a lipase variant of a parent lipase which variant has at least 90% sequence identity with the mature polypeptide of SEQ ID NO: 2, substitutions at positions corresponding to T231R+N233R+D254S or N33Q+T231R+N233R+D254S of the mature polypeptide of SEQ ID NO: 2, and has lipase activity, or a fragment thereof having lipase activity, and
(b) an anionic surfactant selected from linear alkylbenzenesulfonates (LAS), isomers of LAS, branched alkvlbenzenesulfonates (BABS), phenvlalkanesulfonates, alpha-olefinsulfonates (AOS), olefin sulfonates, alkene sulfonates, alkane-2,3-diylbis(sulfates), hydroxyalkanesulfonates and disulfonates, fatty alcohol sulfates (FAS), primary alcohol sulfates (PAS), alcohol ethersulfates (AES or AEOS or FES, also known as alcohol ethoxvsulfates or fatty alcohol ether sulfates), secondary alkanesulfonates (SAS), paraffin sulfonates (PS), ester sulfonates, sulfonated fatty acid glycerol esters, alpha-sulfo fatty acid methyl esters (alpha-SFMe or SES) including methyl ester sulfonate (MES), alkyl- or alkenylsuccinic acid, dodecenyl/tetradecenyl succinic acid (DTSA), fatty acid derivatives of amino acids, diesters and monoesters of sulfo-succinic acid, soap, or any combination thereof,
wherein said composition has increased thermostability of the lipolytic activity of the lipase variant, as measured by differential scanning calorimetry, in comparison with the lipolytic activity of the parent lipase of SEQ ID NO: 2 in a corresponding composition comprising said anionic surfactant.