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Rinse aid composition comprising a terpolmer of maleic, vinyl acetate and ethyl acrylate
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1. A rinse aid composition comprising:
a sheeting agent comprising one or more alcohol ethoxylates;
a defoamer component comprising a polymer compound including one or more ethylene oxide groups; and
a terpolymer of maleic, vinyl acetate, and ethyl acrylate monomers or alkali metal salts thereof, wherein the alcohol ethoxylate has a structure by the formula, R—O—(CH2CH2O)n—H, R is linear
or branched C8-C15 alkyl group, and n is 1 to 25;
the defoamer is a block copolymer having the formula (EO)x(PO)y(EO)x or (PO)y(EO)x(PO)y, wherein x is 1 to 130, and y is 5 to 70; and
the composition is a rinse aid composition, not a detergent or cleaning composition.