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Detergent composition comprising a cationic polymer and anionic/nonionic surfactant mixture
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1. A laundry detergent composition comprising a cationic polymer, a silicone, and a surfactant system,
wherein said cationic polymer comprises:
(i) from about 5 mol % to about 45 mol % of a first structural unit derived from (meth)acrylamide;
(ii) from about 70 mol % to about 85 mol % of a second structural unit, wherein said second structural unit is derived from a cationic monomer selected from the group consisting of diallyl dimethyl ammonium salts (DADMAS), acrylamidopropyl trimethyl ammonium salts (APTAS), quaternized vinylimidazole (QVi), and mixtures thereof; and
wherein said cationic polymer is characterized by a molecular weight of from about 5 kDaltons to about 200 kDaltons; and
wherein said surfactant system comprises anionic surfactant and nonionic surfactant in a ratio of from about 1.1:1 to about 4:1,
wherein said anionic surfactant comprises linear alkyl benzene sulfate (LAS) and alkyl ether sulfate (AES), and
wherein the nonionic surfactant comprises one or more ethoxylated alcohols;
wherein said detergent composition further comprises an adjunct selected from microencapsulates, enzymes, a soil release polymer, a hueing agent, or combinations thereof.