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Method of separating solids using bio-oils
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1. A process for separating a solid having two or more components, at least one of which is lyophobic and at least one of which is lyophilic, comprising:
In a single step comminuting a mixture of the solid in a first liquid to which one of the components is lyophilic and to which the other component is lyophobic and in a second liquid which is immiscible with the first liquid and which will wet the lyophobic component to form agglomerates or flocs of the lyophobic component and the second liquid, in a mill having positive transport capability such that the mill causes the mixture to be transported therethrough, wherein the second liquid comprises a bio-oil, bio-diesel or combination thereof; and
thereafter, the further step of separating the agglomerates from the mixture,
wherein the bio-oil, bio-diesel or combination thereof, is present in an amount of at least about 1% (w/w) based on the weight of the total mixture.