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Device for the production of fuel gas from materials of organic and/or inorganic origin
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1. A device for the production of gaseous fuel from material of organic and/or inorganic origin, including a filling chamber which is connected to at least one supply auger conveyor for supplying material from the filling chamber into a reactor wherein the reactor comprises at least two horizontal rows above each other, wherein each row comprises at least two heated gasification augers, providing a serpentine passage of material from the filling chamber to an outlet of the fuel gas comprising synthesis gas generated by a thermochemical reaction in the gasification augers, wherein the outlet is arranged on the lowest positioned gasification auger, wherein each horizontal row of the gasification comprising a casing having upper base, a lower base and convex side walls each having a circular arc profile, wherein each gasifying body contains at least two gasification augers arranged side by side and mutually partially separated by longitudinal partitions which form half-grooves for the individual gasification augers, further, parallel to and outside the upper base and/or the lower base of each gasification body there is arranged at least one electrical heater; wherein, the filling chamber is hermetically sealed to prevent the inlet of atmospheric air during the filling of the material, and comprises at least one neck leading into the filling chamber for supplying exhaust gases from the combustion of the synthesis gas collected at the outlet of the device in an internal combustion engine, and the filling chamber is fitted with at least one neck for the release of exhaust gases from the filling chamber.