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Process for producing crude oil and bitumen products
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1. A waterless process for producing a bitumen composition and a tailings by-product from a bitumen-containing oil sands feedstock, comprising:
(a) treating the bitumen-containing oil sands feedstock with a hydrocarbon solvent to produce the bitumen composition and the tailings by-product, wherein:
(i) the hydrocarbon solvent is comprised of: 1) from 95 wt % to 5 wt % of at least one of C3-C6 paraffins and halogen-substituted C1-C6 paraffins, and 2) from 5 wt % to 95 wt % of a bitumen-derived crude oil composition, wherein the bitumen-derived crude oil composition contains low-asphaltene crude oil, deasphalted crude oil obtained from a refinery process, or a combination thereof, and the low-asphaltene crude oil composition has an asphaltene content of not greater than 10 wt %, and
(ii) the hydrocarbon solvent contacts the oil sands feedstock in a contact zone of a contactor, wherein at least 5 wt % of the hydrocarbon solvent contacting the oil sands feedstock in the contact zone of the contactor is in vapor phase; and
(b) separating the bitumen composition from the tailings by-product.