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Microbial-enhanced well cementing and remediation
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1. A method of cementing a wellbore comprising:
a) preparing a cement composition comprising a pumpable slurry of cement, water and a healing agent that comprises Bacillus pseudofirmus that is tolerant to pressure of 98 atm (10 MPa) and 20° C.;
b) delivering the cement composition into the wellbore; and
c) allowing the cement composition to set,
wherein the wellbore has a downhole pressure of 1 atm-1000 atm (0.1-100 MPa); andwherein when the integrity of the set cement composition is breached, activating the Bacillus pseudofirmus in the set cement thereby causing them to grow and replicate at a pressure of at least 98 atm (10 MPa) to thereby restore the integrity of the set cement composition.