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Thermoplastic moulding composition with water-repellent properties
Norbert Niessner, Friedelsheim (DE); Philipp Boeckmann, Bad Duerkheim (DE); Matthias Mueller, Pfungstadt (DE); Ralf Engelhardt, Ludwigshafen (DE); and Max Groenendijk, Enschede (NL)
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1. A water-repellent thermoplastic moulding composition, which comprises:
a) from 66 to 72% by weight of one or more styrene-acrylonitrile copolymers as component A,
b) from 28 to 33% by weight of one or more polyacrylate rubbers as component B,
c) from 1 to 5% by weight of one or more fluorine-containing polymer components C, selected from the group consisting of polyvinyliden-difluoride and polyvinyliden-tetrafluoride,
d) from 0.05 to 6% by weight of one or more plasticizers, which are different from C, as component D,
where each of the % by weight values is based on the total weight of components A to D and these give a total of 100% by weight.