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Aqueous ink, ink cartridge, and ink jet recording method
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1. An aqueous ink for ink jet comprising:
a pigment;
a water-soluble resin for dispersing the pigment;
a water-soluble organic solvent having a dielectric constant at 25° C. of 20.0 or more to 30.0 or less;
an acetylene glycol type surfactant; and
a fluorinated surfactant,
wherein the acetylene glycol type surfactant comprises an acetylene glycol ethylene oxide adduct having an HLB value determined by Griffin's method of 10 or more,
wherein the fluorinated surfactant comprises a perfluoroalkyl ethylene oxide adduct having a perfluoroalkyl group with six or less carbon atoms,
wherein a content (% by mass) of the fluorinated surfactant in the ink is 0.01% by mass or more to 0.08% by mass or less based on the total mass of the ink,
wherein a content (% by mass) of the water-soluble organic solvent relative to a content (% by mass) of the fluorinated surfactant based on the total mass of the ink is 100 times or more to 200 times or less in terms of mass ratio, and
wherein the aqueous ink has a dynamic surface tension γ10 at a lifetime of 10 ms of 40 mN/m or less and a static surface tension γ of 25 mN/m or more.