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Antireflection coating film and antireflection coating material for optical element and optical element
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1. An optical coating film for an optical element, the optical coating film being formed on the surface of a substrate composed of an optical material, the optical coating film comprising:
first particles at least having a refractive index (nd) of 2.2 to 3.5 for the d-line and an average particle size of 10 nm to 70 nm;
second particles composed of at least one of silica and sericite,
a colorant; and
a resin,
wherein a first particle content with respect to the optical coating film is in the range of 10% by weight to 35% by weight, and a second particle content with respect to the optical coating film is in the range of 1% by weight to 11% by weight,
wherein the optical coating film is a light-shielding coating film, and
wherein a ratio of the minimum absorbance to the maximum absorbance (minimum absorbance/maximum absorbance) of the optical coating film for the optical element in the wavelength range of 400 nm to 700 nm is 0.7 or more.