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Recycled hot asphalt mixture production method
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1. A production method of a recycled hot asphalt mixture obtained by mixing a recycled aggregate, a new aggregate, asphalt, and an additive for recycle, comprising:
heating the additive for recycle;
adding water to the heated additive for recycle and mixing thereof so as to make the additive for recycle pre-foamed without presence of the asphalt and to make the additive for recycle a foamed state before mixing the additive for recycle into asphalt; and
adding the additive for recycle in the foamed state to the recycled aggregate, the new aggregate, and the asphalt and mixing thereof,
wherein the additive for recycle is at least one selected from a group consisting of an asphalt-based additive for recycle, a petroleum-based additive for recycle, a mineral-based additive for recycle, animal/plant oil-based additive for recycle, and an asphalt emulsion-based additive for recycle, and
when making the additive for recycle the foamed state, a heating temperature T (a unit of ° C.) of the additive for recycle and an addition amount W (an addition amount with respect to the additive for recycle of 100 wt %, a unit of wt %) of the water added to the heated additive for recycle satisfy the following relations (1) to (3)
105≤T≤240  (1)
0.5≤W≤10  (2)
W<0.06×T−2.4  (3).