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Rubber composition and molded article
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1. A rubber composition comprising the following component (A),
the following component (B), and the following component (C), wherein:
the component (A) is an ethylene-α-olefin-nonconjugated polyene copolymer rubber containing an ethylene unit, an α-olefin unit and a nonconjugated polyene unit, a number of carbon atoms of the α-olefin unit is 3 or more and 20 or less, a limiting viscosity measured in 135° C. tetralin is 2.8 dl/g or more and 5 dl/g or less, a content of the ethylene unit is 70 mol % or more and 90 mol % or less (where a total of the content of the ethylene unit and a content of the α-olefin unit in the component (A) is 100 mol %), and a content of the nonconjugated polyene unit is 2% by weight or more and 20% by weight or less (where a total amount of the component (A) is 100 wt % by weight);
the component (B) is an organic peroxide; and
the component (C) is a thermosetting prepolymer, wherein a molecular weight distribution (Mw/Mn) of the component (A) is 2 or more and 5 or less.