US 9,809,680 B2
Amine scavengers for synthesis of polythioaminals
Dylan J. Boday, Tucson, AZ (US); Jeannette M. Garcia, San Leandro, CA (US); James L. Hedrick, Pleasanton, CA (US); Robert J. Ono, San Jose, CA (US); and Rudy J. Wojtecki, San Jose, CA (US)
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1. A method of forming a composition, comprising:
forming a reaction mixture comprising a hexahydrotriazine, a dithiol having the general structure HS—R1—SH, and an amine scavenger having a selective reactivity to amines in the reaction mixture, the amine scavenger being one or more materials selected from the group consisting of an isocyanate, a thiocyanate, an organic carbonate, an organic thioanhydride, an organic anhydride, a carbonyl imidazole, an organic oxalate, an organic lactide, and an organic succimide; and
forming a thioaminal polymer by heating the reaction mixture to a temperature of at least about 50° C.; wherein R1 is an organic or hetero-organic group.