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Polycarbonate polyol compositions and methods
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1. A method for the synthesis of aliphatic polycarbonate polyols having a high percentage of —OH end groups, the method comprising the steps of:
a) contacting a reaction mixture comprising one or more epoxides in the presence of carbon dioxide with a polymerization system comprising:
a metallosalenate metal complex; and
a chain transfer agent having a plurality of sites capable of initiating copolymerization of epoxides and CO2;
wherein the chain transfer agent has a structure Y-A-(Y)n,
each —Y group is independently a functional group capable of initiating chain growth of epoxide CO2 copolymers and each Y group may be the same or different;
-A- is a covalent bond or a multivalent moiety; and
n is an integer between 1 and 10, inclusive;
wherein the molar ratio of metal complex to epoxide ranges from 1:100 to 1:1,000,000
b) allowing the polymerization reaction to proceed until a desired molecular weight aliphatic polycarbonate polyol has formed, wherein in the aliphatic polycarbonate polyol composition
at least 97% of the end groups are hydroxyl groups, and
more than 95% of the linkages formed by the metal complex are carbonate linkages; and
c) terminating the polymerization.