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ApoE peptide dimers and uses thereof
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1. A peptide dimer comprising a first ApoE peptide and a second ApoE peptide, wherein each of said first and second ApoE peptides is no more than 20 amino acids in length and comprises a sequence selected from the group consisting of CLRVRLASHLRKLRKRLL (SEQ ID NO: 15), CAS(Aib)LRKL(Aib)KRLL (SEQ ID NO: 16), CLRVRLAS(Aib)LKRLRK(Nitro-Arg)LL (SEQ ID NO: 17), and CLRVRLAS(Aib)LRKLR(K-Ac)RLL (SEQ ID NO: 18), wherein the first and second ApoE peptides are covalently cross-linked through the cysteine residue at each amino terminus via a bismaleimide linker.