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Deuterium-enriched isoindolinonyl-piperidinonyl conjugates and oxoquinazolin-3(4H)-yl-piperidinonyl conjugates and methods of treating medical disorders using same
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1. A deuterium-enriched compound of Formula I:

OG Complex Work Unit Drawing
or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, wherein:
Z is H or D, provided that the abundance of deuterium in Z is at least 30%;
X1 is —CH2—, —C(O)—, or ψ-C(CH3)═N—, where ψ is a bond to the amide nitrogen atom;
X2 is —N(R1)—, —O—, —(C1-C2)-alkylene-N(R1)—, or —(C1-C2)-alkylene-O—;
Y1 is a 3-30 membered alkylene or 3-30 membered heteroalkylene, each of which is optionally substituted by one or more R2;
R1 is hydrogen or —(C1-C4)-alkyl;
R2 represents independently for each occurrence oxo, —(C1-C6)-alkyl, —(C3-C6)-cycloalkyl, halogen, —(C1-C6)-haloalkyl, hydroxyl, —(C1-C6)-alkoxyl, or —(C1-C6)-hydroxyalkyl; or two occurrences of R2 are taken together with the intervening atom or atoms to form a 3-8 membered ring;
A1 is a protein binding moiety having a molecular weight of less than 2500 g/mol; and any hydrogen atom may be optionally replaced with D.