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Inhibitors of collagen prolyl 4-hydroxylase
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1. A compound of formula:

OG Complex Work Unit Drawing
or salts thereof,
X is S, O, NH, or NR,
where R is an alkyl group having 1-3 carbon atoms;
R1 and R2 independently are —OR7, or —NHSO2R8,
where R7 is selected from:
hydrogen, alkyl, alkoxyalkyl, —R′—CO—R″, —R′—CO—O—R″, —CO—R″, —R′—O—CO—R″, —R′—CO—NR″, —CO—NR″, —R′—O—CO—NR″, and
R8 is selected from hydrogen, alkyl, aryl or arylalkyl;
R3, R4 and R6 independently are hydrogen, alkyl, alkoxy, alkenyl, alkenoxy, haloalkyl, haloalkenyl, halogen, hydroxyl, hydroxyalkyl, hydroxyalkenyl, aryl, aryloxy, arylalkyl or arylalkyoxy;
R5 is hydrogen, an alkyl having 1-3 carbon atoms or an alkoxy having 1-3 carbon atoms;
—R′— is a divalent straight chain or branched alkylene, and
—R″ is an alkyl, aryl or arylalkyl.