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Malate salt of N-(4-{[6,7-bis(methyloxy)quinolin-4-yl]oxy}phenyl)-N′(4-fluorophenyl)cyclopropane-1,1-dicarboxamide, and crystalline forms therof for the treatment of cancer
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1. N-(4-{[6,7-bis(methyloxy)quinolin-4-yl]oxy}phenyl)-N′-(4-fluorophenyl) cyclopropane-1,1-dicarboxamide (L) malate salt, wherein said salt is in crystalline Form N-1 and said Form N-1 is characterized by at least one of the following:
(i) a solid state 13C NMR spectrum with four or more peaks selected from 18.1, 42.9, 44.5, 70.4, 123.2, 156.2, 170.8, 175.7, and 182.1, ±0.2 ppm;
(ii) a powder x-ray diffraction pattern (CuKα λ=1.5418 Å) comprising four or more 2θ values selected from: 12.8±0.2° 2θ, 13.5±0.2° 2θ, 16.9±0.2° 2θ, 19.4±0.2° 2θ, 21.5±0.2° 2θ, 22.8±0.2° 2θ, 25.1±0.2° 2θ, 27.6±0.2° 2θ, wherein measurement of the crystalline form is at room temperature; and/or
(iii) an x-ray powder diffraction (XRPD) pattern substantially in accordance with the pattern shown in FIG. 1.