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Method for producing 2,3-dichloro-5-(trichloromethyl)pyridine
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1. A method for preparing 2,3-dichloro-5-(trichloromethyl)pyridine of formula [II] by a process which comprises the steps:
(1) preparing a reaction mixture comprising a compound of the general formula [I] and PCl5,

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(i) X is COOH, CONH2, CCl3, or CN;
(ii) R1 represents H or Cl;
(iii) PCl5 acts as a chlorinating agent; and
(2) reacting said mixture at a pressure above 1 bar and a temperature above 70° C. and below 350° C.;
wherein, when R1 is H, an intermediate compound (A), 2-chloro-5-(trichloromethyl)pyridine, is formed; or
when R1 is H and X is COOH, an intermediate (B), 3-chloroformylpyridine, is formed; or
when R1 is Cl and X is COOH, an intermediate (B), 3-chloroformyl-5-chloropyridine, is formed in the process.