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Method for breakdown of formates
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1. A process for decomposing formates in formate-containing compositions of matter, which comprises reacting formate-containing compositions of matter in the presence of at least one heterogeneous catalyst comprising lanthanum and at a temperature of from 80 to 180° C. and a pressure of from 0.1 to 60 bar,
wherein the formate-containing compositions of matter have a pH of from 6.5 to 10,
the catalyst is a lanthanum oxide/copper/copper oxide/aluminum oxide catalyst, comprising 4 to 15 wt % of lanthanum reckoned as La2O3 and based on the total weight of the catalyst,
the formate-containing composition of matter comprises carbonyl compounds formed by an aldol reaction of alkanals with formaldehyde and/or their corresponding hydrogenation products, and
at least 50 wt % of formate is decomposed.