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Highly branched hydrocarbon isomerization for an aromatization reaction
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1. A process for aromatizing hydrocarbons comprising:
converting at least a portion of highly branched hydrocarbons in a feed stream into selectively convertible components by contacting the feed stream with an isomerization catalyst in an isomerization reactor system under isomerization reaction conditions and isomerizing the portion of the highly branched hydrocarbons in the feed stream into the selectively convertible components; and
aromatizing the selectively convertible components to produce an aromatization reactor effluent, wherein the aromatization reactor effluent comprises an aromatic product, wherein the isomerization catalyst comprises a β zeolite and wherein the highly branched hydrocarbons comprise hydrocarbons having six or seven carbon atoms with an internal quaternary carbon or hydrocarbons having six carbon atoms and two adjacent internal tertiary carbons, or mixtures thereof.