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Process for xylenes isomerization
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1. A process for producing para-xylene from a C8 aromatic hydrocarbon mixture, the process comprising:
(a) providing a C8 aromatic hydrocarbon mixture comprising para-xylene, ortho-xylene and meta-xylene to an ortho-xylene splitter to produce a first stream comprising para-xylene and meta-xylene and a second stream comprising ortho-xylene;
(b) passing the first stream comprising para-xylene and meta-xylene to a para-xylene recovery unit to recover a para-xylene product stream and produce a para-xylene-depleted stream consisting essentially of meta-xylene;
(c) contacting the para-xylene-depleted stream comprising meta-xylene with a catalyst under at least partially liquid phase conditions effective to produce a first isomerized stream having a para-xylene content of more than 24 wt.%, based on the total amount of xylenes in the first isomerized stream; and first isomerized stream, wherein the catalyst comprises ZSM-23 with a SiO2/A12O3 ratio between 15 and 50 and an external surface area of 75-115 m2/g; and
(d) recycling at least a portion of the first isomerized stream back to the para-xylene recovery unit.