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Method and apparatus for residential water recycling
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1. A wastewater recycling system, comprising:
a) a biological reactor the biological reactor comprising an anaerobic chamber, an anoxic chamber, and an aerobic chamber;
b) a lift station comprising a lift station pump, wherein the lift station is operatively connected to the biological reactor to receive biologically treated liquid from the biological reactor and pump the biologically treated liquid from the lift station pump;
c) a filtration subsystem, operatively connected to the lift station, that receives and filters the biologically treated liquid pumped by the lift station, the filtration subsystem comprising:
i) a salt-rejecting membrane filter;
ii) a concentrate recirculation conduit operatively connected to recirculate salt-rejecting membrane filter concentrate to a point along the wastewater recycling system upstream of the salt-rejecting membrane filter and downstream of the anaerobic chamber, the anoxic chamber, and the aerobic chamber, thereby forming a salt concentration loop between said point along the wastewater recycling system and the salt-rejecting membrane filter, wherein said point is the lift station;
iii) a preliminary membrane filter operatively connected to the salt rejecting membrane filter so as to supply preliminary membrane filter permeate to the salt-rejecting membrane filter for further filtering by the salt-rejecting membrane filter;
iv) a salt removal device operatively connected to receive the salt-rejecting membrane filter concentrate, wherein the salt removal device is adapted to remove salts from the salt-rejecting membrane filter concentrate; and
d) a post-filtration subsystem operatively connected to receive salt-rejecting membrane filter permeate, wherein the post-filtration subsystem comprises a water disinfection system that disinfects the salt-rejecting membrane filter permeate.