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System for brine separation and reuse
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1. A system comprising:
an impurity separation subsystem to: (1) receive a feed solution including a selected impurity, (2) remove the selected impurity from the feed solution to produce an output solution that is free from the selected impurity, (3) transfer the removed selected impurity to a brine solution to produce a reject solution, and (4) output (i) the reject solution being the brine solution including the removed selected impurity and (ii) the output solution being the feed solution having the selected impurity removed therefrom; and
an electrolytic membrane separation (EMS) subsystem in fluid communications with the impurity separation subsystem, the EMS subsystem comprises (a) first cell frame that comprises an anolyte compartment to house an anode, the anolyte compartment comprises a first in-flow port and a first out-flow port, (b) a second cell frame having a catholyte compartment to house a cathode, the catholyte compartment comprises a second in-flow port and a second out-flow port, and (c) a membrane positioned between the anolyte compartment and the catholyte compartment,
wherein the EMS subsystem to (1) receive the reject solution from the impurity separation subsystem that is supplied to the catholyte compartment of the EMS subsystem through the second in-flow port and an electrically conductive solution that is supplied to the anolyte compartment of the EMS subsystem through the first in-flow port, (2) remove the selected impurity from the reject solution to produce a reusable brine solution or a diluate, and (3) transfer the selected impurity to the conductive solution to produce a waste solution that is the conductive solution including the selected impurity.