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Siphon trap disinfection system
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1. A disinfection device for a trapped-liquid comprising:
a. a drain trap for a liquid flow having an inner surface to trap a volume of said trapped-liquid;
b. a first electrode and a second electrode attached to the inner surface of said drain trap;
c. said first and said second electrodes are made of or coated with a metal or a metal alloy capable of generating metal ions to eliminate biological cells;
d. a power supply to provide a current and a voltage to said electrodes for a period of ionization;
e. a sensor system installed in the drain trap to sense flow of a liquid through said drain trap;
f. a timer system to determine the length of a stagnant-time that said trapped-liquid is stagnant in the drain trap; and to determine the length of an ionization-time for said period of ionization; and
g. a control system to control said period of ionization, and to turn on the power to the electrodes when a timer system indicates that the trapped-liquid is stagnant for predefined said stagnant-time and turn off the power when the ionization is performed for predefined said ionization-time or when the liquid flows in the drain.