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Apparatus for removing material from a body of liquid
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1. An apparatus for removing sludge from a reservoir of liquid having a reservoir floor comprising:
an enclosure forming a cavity with edge portions extending over a reservoir floor;
spacers beneath said edge portions positionable above the floor of a reservoir of liquid when inserted therein forming inlets between said edge portions, spacers and said floor for sludge and liquid in said reservoir to flow into said cavity;
a gas emitting device having outlets adjacent said edge portions to emit gas into said cavity of said enclosure drawing liquid and sludge via said inlets into said cavity;
a structure positionable atop the floor and within said enclosure to define a channel within said cavity between said structure and said enclosure for said liquid and sludge to flow through said channel from said inlets;
an outlet leading from said channel for said liquid and sludge to flow out of said cavity, and wherein:
said enclosure includes an outer cone with an inward facing surface, said structure includes an inner cone with a top and is positioned within said outer cone and further has an outer surface facing said inward facing surface of said outer cone, said inward facing surface and said outer facing surface forming said channel which increases in size in a direction from the floor to said top of said inner cone; and further comprising:
a liquid pump connected to said outlet to move said liquid and sludge from said cavity; and,
a gas booster outlet positioned at said top of said inner cone assisting flow of said liquid and sludge in said cavity toward said outlet.