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Desalination system and desalination method
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1. A desalination system comprising:
a water tank;
a water-repellent particle layer that is located below the water tank and contains a plurality of water-repellent particles;
a plurality of particles forming a liquefying layer that is located below the water-repellent particle layer and liquefies water vapor that has passed through the water-repellent particle layer, to obtain fresh water;
an introduction channel that supplies a liquid to the water tank;
a liquid speed reduction part that is located on the introduction channel, and includes a wall surface crossing a flow direction of the liquid in the introduction channel, for reducing a flow speed of the liquid; and
a pool tank located in the introduction channel between the water tank and the liquid speed reduction part, the pool tank having an opening that spans a channel width of the introduction channel, and a space in which the liquid introduced via the opening is accumulated and from which an overflow of the liquid is discharged to the introduction channel.