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System and method for a differential comb drive MEMS
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1. A microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) device comprising:
a deflectable membrane comprising a first overlapping portion, the first overlapping portion comprising a first surface;
a first anchor structure comprising:
a first anchor portion fixed to a substrate,
a first extension portion extending away from the first anchor portion, the first extension portion comprising a first material, wherein the first extension portion bends in a first direction, and
a second overlapping portion comprising a second surface overlapping the first surface; and
a second anchor structure comprising:
a second anchor portion fixed to the substrate,
a second extension portion extending away from the second anchor portion, the second extension portion comprising a second material, wherein the second extension portion bends in a second direction, the second direction opposite the first direction, and
a third overlapping portion comprising a third surface, wherein the first overlapping portion further comprises a fourth surface, and wherein the third surface overlaps the fourth surface.