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Advanced smooth rescue operation
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1. A method of operating an elevator system, the method comprising:
detecting, using a controller, when an external power source is unavailable;
controlling, using the controller, a plurality of components of the elevator system, wherein controlling comprises operating at least one of an elevator car, a drive unit, an inverter and a brake;
detecting, using the controller, an original direction of travel of the elevator car;
detecting, using the controller, a mode of the elevator car, wherein the mode includes at least one of a motoring mode, a near balance mode, and a regenerative mode;
determining, using the controller, a target floor; and
adjusting, using the controller, a velocity of the elevator car to reach the target floor in response to the mode detected; allowing, using the controller, the velocity of the elevator car to decrease to about zero velocity, when the near balance mode is detected; maintaining, using the controller, the about zero velocity for a selected duration of time; increasing, using the controller, the velocity of the elevator car in the original direction of travel until it reaches an automatic rescue operation velocity; maintaining, using the controller, the automatic rescue operation velocity for a second selected duration of time; and decreasing, using the controller, the velocity of the elevator car as the elevator car approaches the target floor;
wherein secondary power is provided to the brake, elevator doors, and a positional reference system in the controller;
wherein secondary power is not provided to a drive unit to propel the elevator.