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Elastic break brake apparatus and method for minimizing broken elastic rethreading
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1. An elastic break brake to allow downstream travel of an elastic thread during machine operation and to stop unwanted elastic travel, said elastic break brake comprising:
a base, a base back depending from said base, a pin coupled to said base back said pin having an axis of rotation, and a rotating cam weight carried by said pin and rotatable coaxially with said axis of rotation;
a base elastic retaining surface spaced apart from said rotating cam weight;
a nip point between said base elastic retaining surface and said rotating cam weight, said pin vertically aligned with said nip point;
said rotating cam weight rotatable in downstream machine direction by elastic traveling under tension between said rotating cam weight and said base elastic retaining surface, allowing passage of said elastic during machine operation, and rotatable in an upstream direction if the elastic is broken to cinch the elastic between the rotating cam weight and the base elastic retaining surface thereby stopping said elastic.