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Reception apparatus
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1. A processing system comprising:
(A) a processing apparatus having a discharge port for discharging an article therefrom;
(B) a supporting unit configured to support the processing apparatus on a surface; and
(C) a reception apparatus including:
(a) a pair of side rod holding units each supported by the supporting unit;
(b) a pair of side rods, each of the side rods being (i) mounted to a respective one of the pair of side rod holding units to rotate about a pivot axis and change an angle of the side rod with respect to the surface, and (ii) configured to change a length thereof by extending and contracting;
(c) a first rod supported by one of the processing apparatus and the supporting unit;
(d) a second rod having a first end portion and a second end portion, the first end portion being supported by one of the pair of side rods, and the second end portion being supported by the other one of the pair of side rods; and
(e) a flexible reception sheet supported by the first rod and the second rod and configured to receive the article discharged from the discharge port.