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Sheet feeding device and image forming apparatus
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1. A sheet feeding device comprising:
a container including:
a frame;
an auxiliary frame member provided on the frame so as to be slidable relative to the frame; and
a front cover that covers a front side of the auxiliary frame member,
the container being detachably supported in a body of the sheet feeding device;
a cover member that covers a top side of the container when the container is attached to the body; and
a locking unit comprising a key which is configured to be separated from the front cover,
wherein the locking unit is configured to prevent the container attached to the body from being detached from the body when the container is locked, and
wherein the locking unit enables the container to be detached from the body when the container is not locked,
wherein the locking unit includes:
a bracket attached to the body at the one side;
an engagement hole formed in the bracket; and
a lock including a hook formed on a rod that is inserted into the engagement hole through a hole formed in the front cover of the container, the hook engaging with the engagement hole.